Trans4M’s transportation funding workgroup encourages increased investment and funding reform to improve our complete transportation system.

In October 2011, Governor Rick Snyder called for a reinvestment in Michigan’s transportation system in a special message to the state on transportation and infrastructure and continues to encourage legislators to prioritize our transportation system. Since the spring of 2014, there has been an active debate and several proposals in the Michigan State Legislature to find ways to substantially increase funding for our system. Trans4M has been a key player in educating lawmakers about the importance of investing in our complete system as well as fostering collaborative action among our member organizations.

Trans4M seeks the construction of a complete, accessible, reliable, equitable, and sustainable 21st century transportation network for our state that includes a full range of transportation choices.  From our pot-hole-ridden roads and bridges to our skeletal public transportation network, Michigan’s transportation system has a lot of room for improvement. Infrastructure reforms, increased funding, and better appropriated funding are just a handful of ways that we can improve it.

To date, this workgroup has provided lawmakers and the general public with accurate and up-to-date information about the status of our state’s transportation system and what our lawmakers are doing regarding transportation funding, as well as offer opportunities for citizens to get involved with the policy discussion.

Trans4M is currently looking for a team lead to coordinate the efforts of the funding workgroup. If you are interested in this topic, please contact Laurel Burchfield at



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