Highway Trust Fund: Here We Are Again

Remember our blog last August addressing the urgent need for Congress to reach a consensus on long-term funding for the Highway Trust Fund? In the few remaining moments prior to their recess last summer, Congress passed a $10.8 billion fix…

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Highway Trust Fund Saved. For Now.

In the final moments leading up to the August summer recess Congress passed a piece of legislation to stop the insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund, which would have begun to affect road and transit projects across the nation as early as August 1st. Read more…

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The federal transportation funding debate: what’s going on and why it matters for Michigan

The potential insolvency of the Federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF) looms heavy over Michigan’s already troubled transportation system. The HTF is primarily financed by the 18.4-cent-per-gallon federal fuel tax and makes up about one third of Michigan’s total transportation budget….

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