Winter Walkability through Community Based Snow Removal

As we slog through another Michigan winter, transit agencies are calling for community-wide aide to ensure that all stops remain clear of snow and ice.  We have already witnessed a few heavy snow storms that have proven a barrier to…

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Brazil: Curitiba’s Rapid Growth through Rapid Transit

In the third part of our series, International Transportation and Michigan, we focus on Curitiba, Brazil, home to the first Bus Rapid Transit system. Curitiba, Brazil has been profoundly praised by transit enthusiasts for the city’s focus on transit development….

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Reviving the Grand Rapids Streetcar: Modernizing Classic Transportation

This summer, the Rapid is rolling out the Silver Line, bringing Bus Rapid Transit to Division Avenue in Grand Rapids. The infrastructure is nearly complete and buses will be purchased and running by this August. Grand Rapids isn’t taking a…

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