Winter Walkability through Community Based Snow Removal

As we slog through another Michigan winter, transit agencies are calling for community-wide aide to ensure that all stops remain clear of snow and ice.  We have already witnessed a few heavy snow storms that have proven a barrier to…

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Lessons Learned for Enhancing Pedestrian and Bicycling Accessibility in the Winter

How harsh has this winter been? Enough that “polar vortex,” formerly an obscure scientific term, is now recognized by most people. Michiganders have battled the elements, from record snowfall to record cold. For many, no other segment of daily life…

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Five Winter-Friendly Modes of Transportation to Use Instead of a Single-Occupancy Automobile

This year’s record-breaking winter provides a great excuse to ditch your snow-encrusted automobile and adapt your transportation habits to safer, sustainable, more efficient modes. While there are a plethora of options out there, here are five that we think are…

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