Transportation for Michigan (Trans4M) is a statewide coalition working to create a stronger Michigan through transportation policy reform that will revitalize Michigan’s cities and towns, reconnect its people to opportunity, and spark a healthier economy.  Trans4M coalition partners include nonprofits, businesses, policy makers, environmental groups, planners, academic institutions and others.

Our Mission

We are a diverse coalition of groups working together to make Michigan communities more livable, create equitable opportunities for all people, and build a more robust economy through transportation policy reform.

Our Vision

We envision statewide transportation policy that is set by Michigan residents, including those who are traditionally disenfranchised by transportation decision-making. These citizen-driven policies will result in a safe, connected, convenient, reliable, and equitable 21st century transportation network that includes a full range of transportation choices providing opportunity for all people, connecting people to where they want to go, reducing costs, and offering businesses viable options for efficiently and sustainably moving goods.

Trans4M empowers our member groups in their transportation work through the following:


Trans4M locates the active players in the Michigan transportation system and identifies champions who are leading the way in innovative, resourceful and results-oriented work.


Trans4M fosters an open environment for our members to create meaningful connections across their efforts and provides links to similar interests and work being accomplished across the state.


Trans4M provides the tools necessary to elevate our members’ work through member-only resources and fosters collaborative action by convening member groups around opportunities for change.


Trans4M tells the story of Michigan’s advancing transportation system and celebrates the successes of our actions as a coalition of like-minded, energized, and connected organizations.